Thursday, December 21, 2006

Solstice Weather

Shortest day..longest night.. Light the bonfires! Hail the sun!

Lots of time for reflection on these long cold nights.
There are so many ways to measure our days.. by the number of hours , minutes and seconds that the sun stays above the horizon... or by the amount of daily warmth/cold that is felt.. or by what we have chosen to make of the day.. (hmm.. that could be a song..)

Over this past year of 2006, we've had the privilege of working with well over 10,000 people.. from bankers and corporate executives, to AmeriCorps volunteers and public health providers, to exceptional children who live with challenges that many of us cannot even imagine.

Our measurable successes include "our" US Challenge team from Bechtel.. After dominating the national competition in October, they moved on to the World Championships in Malta just two weeks ago. Our work with them, besides producing the obvious world class athletic results, helped raise more than $60,000.00 for St. Judes Childrens Hospital... wow, that is an easy reflection.

Not so easy to reflect on are some of the non-measurable results and, hopefully, successes... The kids who go "home" to a car (after our programming with them..) or those who do not celebrate birthdays, Thanksgiving or Christmas outside of school... because there just are not enough resources to do so.

As I sit in the office behind my keyboard looking out at the weak winter sun and the birds on the feeders, holiday messages and decorations in all directions.. all these thoughts and reflections make me restless...

Time to throw another log on the fire, then go for a long run up the mountain... that old sun can't come back soon enough.

May each of you who read this have a relaxing, low stress holiday and a great New Year! Remember to count your blessings. We hope to see you and spend time with you in 2007.