Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full moon running into the dawn.. and parachute racing.

With the world slowly becoming more springlike, it's inevitable that someday, the change to Daylight Savings will arrive... thanks to Congress, all of us who thrive in the early mornings are now thrust back, firmly into the BMNT (beginning morning nautical twilight) zone... Running up, down and across the mountainside in this amazing twilight is not for the faint of heart... (historically a time of great risk and danger). This morning was no exception...except there was a full moon... until it set behind the ridge.. followed by profound darkness.... and yet thru sheer perseverance on a set, proven and known course I eventually emerged into the dawn.. the greatest of affirmations.

And with this being March we've been holding a lot of parachute races at the Community Learning Centers.. two friends grab a 'chute between them and then run across a designated space.. daring the wind and their grip to lift them off and deposit them into some neighboring farmer's field. Times of high anxiety (!) and great fun indeed!