Thursday, October 27, 2011

We're pleased to be of service...

"Thanks for another great team building event Andy! The improvements I see in communication, teamwork, and leadership with the staff after these events is amazing and I don't think you realize what a positive impact you're having on my business. You all did a great job for us again, and we're really looking forward to next year."

That's the sort of feedback we get a lot... and helps us know that we are really doing something right.. especially in this time of economic challenge..
We've never been busier!
Making a real difference in how organizations function , regardless of whether they are growing or just adapting to change...

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Thursday, February 03, 2011


I recently returned from a trip to the great state of Texas, working with a client at the magnificent Rough Creek Lodge, an 11,000 acre ranch near Glen Rose.
The sheer size of Texas (you really do feel the bigness of everything when you are in the heart of Texas), and the sense that even time is bigger, gave me the opportunity to reflect on this business of corporate team development and the way we do business... and who our clients are.

-We're not flashy or loud... definitely not. In fact we prefer to be more of the "quiet professionals" of the industry.

-We tend to really focus, acutely, on communication skills.. I would guess that more than 90% of perceived team and leadership failures are due to less-than-optimum communication... for whatever the reason..
(and the reasons are so numerous)

-We don't focus on gimmicks and shallow stunts .... you will NEVER hear us say or even imply that riding a zipline will make you a better team player.... or jumping from the top of a telephone pole... or even just the old standby (for some companies) trust falls into your teammates arms...
Ziplines are fun, but that's all they are.

-All of our clients/customers are vibrant and growing companies..(even the BIG ones). Many are the mainstays of American business.. for profit and non-profit alike... and they all have a very positive view of "what can be.."

-It's really fun to work with companies that are excited about the possibilities of improving and growing and changing. Working on a team when everyone is synching and communicating is more than fun it is totally energizing! It truly is "what can be.."

And yet, when I board my plane for the return flight, I find myself more often than not, surrounded by folks who are clearly missing that boat..

Someday I hope they can become "teamlinked"