Friday, February 17, 2012

Mindfulness by Design.. returning to roots.

In 1993, Teamlink was launched... building on a lifetime of lessons in applied leadership, teamwork, project management and personal development.

The purpose was to serve as a medium for youth to get connected with what is important in life... what it takes to grow strong, mentally and physically, and develop a true sense of character. An additional part of the founding vision was to serve populations that were out of the mainstream, and falling thru many of the social support nets.
By design, we developed a strong offering of corporate activities... with the understanding that our work with corporate groups, itself life-changing and valuable, would allow us the opportunity to work with underserved youth populations...

Fast forward 19 years... Having been identified as "providing model programs" for youth "on the edge" by the US Dept of Justice, and as a Vision of Character, by the YMCA as well as numerous other honors, we have worked with perhaps as many as 5000 young people in therapeutic outdoor adventure programs.
We have also worked coast-to-coast with some of the most recognizable corporate identities in the world.. helping to develop strong communication skills, leadership and functional teams.. as well as hundreds of schools, and community non-profits and every type of company in between. Real training, real experiences.. not fluff and not lecture..

We also developed Shenandoah Mountain Guides as an outlet for our non-therapeutic outdoor adventure guiding.. (offering the "BEST summer adventures in the South"- Southern Living, Jan 2011

In 2012, we are focusing on a return to our roots...

In August 2011, we partnered with the THRIVE Center Heron's Gate program to work with young adults whose severe ADD and depression were handicapping their life. The THRIVE program combines individual and group therapy, psychiatric support and a very healthy dose of outdoor adventure and challenge to produce amazing results!

We are also partnered with "Mindfulness by Adventure" to provide life changing, reflective adventure programming not only for youth, but adults as well... anyone struggling to connect with not only "Who they are" but "Where they are going" .

And lastly we are offering our own organic programs "Intentional Adventure" consisting of weekly adventures that range from the empowerment of survival skills to the thrill of rappellinng thru thousands of feet of waterfalls ... literally every adventure that Shenandoah Mountain Guides provides... and then some.
Designed for young adults and old adults... to break free of "indoors addictions" to get out, to become empowered, to get motivated, to develop real skills and to find freedom and happiness in self reliance and adventure

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Patrick Moloney said...

Great post Andy! I'm a proud Teamlink alum, by far the best organization I've worked for.